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I believe that asking the population ,to take about one hour to read the information pack, for a proposed local impact law or notice or minor amendment to a standard law not unreasonable. So I suggest to aim for a information comprehension pack[ICP] to be about 18,000*[1] words or less.

For a standard law or an amendment to a standard law, I believe around one to two hours or more to read the ICP of about 18/36,000 words would be fair.

For a constitutional or controversial law, I feel 3 hours or more not unreasonable, so for the Constitutional Comprehension Information Pack [CCPI] should be at least 54,000 words.

Any counter argument's for less or more time spent, would be happily heard.

*[1] assuming a reading speed for an average adult is 180 per minute.



All mistakes and faults are mine, not any other author's or in the scientists research ,as I have muddled a compellation of papers together .

As I lack accesses to proper statistical information this proposed law information pack is very inaccurate as I have scavenged the information from the Internet.

Also more economic data on the tax revenue would be needed.

An Rough Example of a Information Pack for an Amendment to a Standard Tax Law.

Point's that should be fully covered.

1.] The Health aspect's .

2.] The Tax repercussions ,such as dose the over all revenue increase or decrease.Also what would be the projected costs or savings to business and public , when the tax reform is implemented.

3] The sociological aspect should also so be touched apon.

This is the Information Pack for the Proposed Tax Increase on Fats and Sugars and the reduction of Tax on Fruit and Vegetables . This will be emailed to all who have registered an interest or voted in the last three years on all business, Tax's and Health Law's.

For the full Questionare pack,please Email Me Directly on or 




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