Merit E Democracy
Abbreviated Version


A representative free democracy , where people vote on laws and bills directly after taking a comprehension questionnaire on the proposed bill or law .The bill or law can be proposed by the public or by the burocracy.

There is still a burocracy and voted in Ministers and Chief Minister , but they are merit appointed burocrats rather then politicians.

You don't have to vote or take any questionnaire if you don't want to.So your interaction in your own governance is purely up to YOU.

In the UK Parliament in 2007-8 there were 30 Bills passed. If you take that as an average, if you wanted to vote on every bill/law ect you would have to spend about two hours a month on information pack's and about forty minutes on the actual questionnaire . I would imagine that most people would not want to vote on everything, so the average time spent on self government would be even less, maybe one hour every two months ? So are you prepared to spend a day and a half, a year you so you can govern yourself ?

As Merit E-Democracy [MeD]absorb's all past laws that don't conflict with its constitution it would be a peaceful transition from a representative democracy to MeD.

One of the main arguments for local councils , is that people need to feel as if there voices are heard. In MeD as you govern yourself there is no need for local councils on that basis. So council business can be centralized and unified for the best efficiencies and major savings ,currently councillors can earn over a £250,000.

It was recently reported that In 2007/8 the cost of the current form government system in Britain was almost 1/2 a billion pounds.

All saving's form doing away with the representatives and council's , would fund the money to offset the questionnaire voting system . If managed properly there would actually major savings which either could benefit the population with lower tax's or be put to use for the betterment of society in schools and hospitals.

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